3810 Hwy 14, Santa Fe, NM 87508

(505) 471-9271

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Never Leave Thirsty

Hours: Monday 5pm-10pm

Tuesday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm


A New Brewery and Pizza Experience

brought to you by a community of people whose drive and inspiration for beer and pizza is second only to their drive and inspiration for each other.

In 2009 two friends began a small home-brewing project in their backyard inspired by a Cascade Hop plant purchase from the farmer’s market. Suggestions from the local home-brew supply owner prompted the new brewers to attack their hobby with scientific fervor and adventurous attitudes.

The beer they brewed was delicious.


Our new friendly neighborhood brewers experienced less than 5% failure rate. Years later, more friends began brewing with them in the backyard and the event of brewing beer became a regular pastime for the group.

This young team upgraded equipment and capacity from an initial five-gallon system to a one-barrel semi-automatic stainless system, from a backyard tent to an enclosed outdoor brewery, from two friends to four. The name “Beer Creek” was born from the arroyo that benefited from the run-off water during the brewing process.

The 4 friends were encouraged by major breweries in the area to bring their craft, their hops, and their infectious love of brewing to the community.

So HERE we are.

The location was serendipity. Many of our employees joined us from associated industries because we were just way more fun to work with. Our local community was welcoming. Tiny set-backs that would have worried anyone else turned into open doors overflowing with opportunity. Everything just fell into place like a delicious IPA flavored jigsaw puzzle.

We offer old-fashioned style brews as well as pizzas made in a traditional oven that aren’t available anywhere else in the Santa Fe area. Our relaxing patio boasts views of 4 mountain ranges. Live music Thursday through Sunday, patio games, scenic views, the fresh, breezy New Mexican atmosphere here in Lone Butte, and an extra dog friendly environment make our patio unique and wonderful. The interior of the restaurant is a bounty of local history and family comfort.

Beer Creek Brewing Company uses local and all-natural ingredients wherever possible to give you a high-quality pizza at an affordable price. This commitment to local and all-natural ingredients also extends to our beer selection which features the finest brews from around the State of New Mexico, as well as our own brews made with hops from our farm just down the road.

At BCBC, we have created a revolutionary way of delivering our pizza. The concept was inspired by the way a school bus runs. We will deliver to specific locations along the Turquoise Trail at set times. For more details on how this works and an ETA on the launch date for delivery, please come on in, grab a pizza and beer and chat with us at the bar.